CME in the Wider World

CME in the Wider World – Thanks & Let’s connect!
(From Erin Hancock Manager of Promotion and Partnership, CME Programs at Saint Mary’s)

THANKS TO ALUMNI AND STUDENTS who are already being incredible ambassadors in your networks and at co-op/CU events. Shout out to Ann Favreau, Betty Bauhuis, Jeff Bessmer, Catherine Ludgate, Adam Trott, Paul Paruch, Willy Robinson, Erbin Crowell, Wendy Carruthers, Suzette Snow-Cobb, Dan Arnett, Cory Munden, Musonda Yamfwa, Michael Pontinen, Tracey Kliesch, Joshua Noble and many others who are sharing this education with people and helping build a stronger system. You’ve hosted booths, you’ve done presentations, you make personal contact, you’ve been encouraging. You are awesome! The community is building and all of you play an important role making the connection for others who want to study.

If you want a quick way to be involved, choose your own adventure below:
1) Do you have a fun or fantastic success story of cool co-op work you’ve done during or since you’ve studied with CME? Tell us! We’d love to share your story in our presentations. Email
2) Ask yourself “is there anyone I work with in the co-op world that is thinking about education or building their career?” then call them or speak to them letting them know about the education you did. If they like it, send then to for more info
3) Think about the co-op meetings and conferences you will be attending this year and mention your education and/or the new programs while you’re speaking with people or presenting. If you’d like a ppt or brochures, email Erin at
4) Think about a place where Saint Mary’s CME programs should be shared/promoted and email Erin to suggest it

Co-op Management Education at Saint Mary’s will be out and about at co-op conferences/meetings. Students and alumni are welcomed to participate!

CME staff/professors/alum/students will be at the following events. If you plan to be there, let us know!

British Columbia Co-operative Association AGM (Vancouver, June 16)
Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada AGM (Ottawa, June 19-22)
ICA Committee on Co-operative Research Meeting (Stirling – UK, June 20-23)
World Credit Union Conference (Vienna, July 21-26)
Principles for Responsible Management Education Conference (Guelph, October 19-20)

Where will we see you? Where do you want to see us (where should CME be that isn’t on the list yet)?
Contact Erin at and let us know

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